A Night of Christian Music and Variety Show

Last November 29, 2015 A Night of Christin Music and Variety Show was conducted by the 3D Youth with the innovation of the Youth Officers in cooperation with the other youth members. This activity was prepared not just for an entertainment but mainly to conduct an evangelism program. The youth aimed that through the presentations many youth will received the good news and be saved. The activity was attended by 70 regular and invited young people.

Part of the show was the presentations of each Youth Cell groups namely, God Seekers, Victorious Knights, Sure Foundation and Living Stone. There were also Guests who sang and show their God-given talent and also two of our youth namely Sister Cherry and Sister Vherleen shared there amazing testimonies proclaiming how JESUS changed their lives from darkness to light and they also share how they surpassed the temptations and trials after they have receive Christ.

Everyone enjoyed the show and was also participating with the hosts’ “PAKULO” or Trivia with the key chains as a reward in every correct answers.

And also the 3D Youth Officers prepared a surprise presentation for everyone called a Shadow Play with a background music sang by Kari jobe (What love is this) it implies that ever since we are in our mother’s womb our God is always there for all of us even when we chose to disobey and make our own decisions that could sometimes destroy us but because of the Father God’s great love He gave up His only Son just to saved us and to be together with Him again “John 3:16”.

Pastor Bong Ramos also made a challenge for all the youth to come in front to offer each lives to our Lord Jesus Christ and to confess and accept Him as Lord and Saviour. The Holy Spirit’s magnificent power was showed in every corner of the Church. Plenty of the young people was baptised by the Holy Spirit and also spiritually delivered from some of the very unforgettable experiences in every believer.

All in all the program ended so blessed and so overwhelming, everyone enjoy and meet different young people to be treasured and keep and mostly the experience will remain in each other’s heart and may put it into application. And finally, for the dinner a boodle fight was enjoyed by everyone especially for the first timers.

Lastly, we thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who help us to make everything possible and for the strength He sustain during the practices and for the wisdom in every word that was spoken. Giving all the Glory in His name forever and ever.

A Night of Christian Music and Variety Show
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